Bungle Bungle Adventurer + Diamond Mine

Exclusive to Aviair, this 6 hour Bungle Bungle scenic air tour combines a ground tour of the Argyle Diamond Mine and spectacular aerial views of the Kimberley. You will learn about the technology and processes that are employed in diamond production.

Tour Overview

Combine the treasures of nature with the treasures of the earth in this fly/drive day tour.

From Kununurra, we fly to the Bungle Bungle Range, then to the Argyle Diamond Mine. We give you the best views of this ancient formation comprising of deep gorges and the well known 'beehive domes' in the 20 minutes we spend over the massif. This scenic flight also offers views over the majestic Lake Argyle and the bordering Carr Boyd Ranges, as well as views of Lake Kununurra, Ord Irrigation Area and Diversion Dam. Next you will fly over and into the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Enjoy a 3.5 hour (approximately) guided ground tour of the mine site. Your guided tour commences with a lunch at the staff village and a visit to the village store where souvenirs and Argyle diamonds may be purchased. We then drive through the processing plant and visit the diamond and local history gallery.

Finally, re-board your aeroplane and continue on the scenic flight home to Kununurra. 

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Dates available:
All year round - Tuesday, Friday, Sunday or on demand
Full day air safari 9:00am to approximately 3:30pm


Price: $725

Child: N/A

Senior: N/A

  • Flight in air-conditioned high quality aeroplanes - the newest planes and only air conditioned fleet in Kununurra
  • Courtesy transfer to and from our terminal within Kununurra
  • Entry and guided tour of Argyle Diamond Mine 
  • Lunch provided at Argyle Diamond Mine
  • Cold bottled water, Ord Valley sandalwood scented refresher towels, and sweets 
  • Personalised pilot commentary across PA system or personal headsets
  • Souvenir diamond gift


How to avoid and reduce emissions whilst on holiday
  • Travel light – remember every extra kg that needs to be transported needs more fuel and generates more greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Buy souvenirs produced locally – buying a cheap imported knock-off of a traditional item as a souvenir does not support the local community and creates additional transport emissions.
Bungle Bungle Adventurer + Diamond Mine Route Map
Approximate route

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