Regular Scheduled Flights

Regular scheduled flights between Halls Creek and Kununurra operate each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. From the week starting March 27, 2017,  the Thursday flight will change to operate on Friday. There will be no flight on Thursday 30th but there will be a flight on Friday 31st March. The community has requested this change and we have listened. From March 31st, 2017 onwards the flights will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In Kununurra, flights depart from the Aviair terminal at Kununurra airport. We are at 319 Laine Jones Drive, Kununurra airport, on the Diversion Dam side of the Kununurra main airport terminal.

In Halls Creek, flights depart from the aerodrome passenger gate, near the amenities block.

As this route is subsidised by the State and Federal Governments , there are certain fare classes imposed. When booking your flight you must use the fare class that applies to you. Strict conditions apply.

Fare $150 – Halls Creek Resident  / Remote Air Service Subsidy (RASS) passengers

Fare $325 – Non-residents of Halls Creek  / Business travel

Fare $415 – State Government Servants

  • Photo ID must be produced at check in. For Halls Creek shire residents proof of address must be produced at check in. For example, Driver’s license, utility bill. Failure to produce this identification will lead to the difference in fare price being paid prior to departure.
  • All RASS passengers wishing to continue on from Halls Creek must contact Aviair by phone to book travel.

T: 08 9166 9300 or E: