Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer charter flights?

All our aircraft types are available for private charter either on an adhoc basis or for regular contract work. Please contact us on 08 91669300 or [email protected] to discuss your aircraft charter needs.

Does everyone get a window seat?

Our aircraft have two seat configurations. One configuration offers a centre aisle and a single seat either side and the other configuration offers a single seat and a double seat separated by an aisle. The middle seat of the double is a great place to sit to take in views from both sides of the aircraft and is also good for those taller people who can benefit from extra leg room.

The windows in our scenic flight aircraft are larger than most other aircraft types and so the views from the centre seat are excellent out both sides of the aircraft.

Do you offer a pickup and drop off service?

Yes we do offer a courtesy (free) airport transfer service for our scenic air tours from Kununurra accommodation houses. Transfers begin 45 minutes prior to departure. Please book your transfer when you book your scenic flight with us. 

Does the Bungle Bungle helicopter flight have doors on or off?

The doors during the Bungle Bungle helicopter flight are generally off, however, if you do have a special request for the door on, we can contact HeliSpirit and put a request forward for you. 

Can I pay for my tour on the day?

To secure your tour and to avoid disappointing others who may wish to book but cannot due to unpaid bookings we require payment to confirm your scenic tour.

Do you have toilets on the aircraft?

Our private fully equipped passenger terminal has bathroom facilities for use prior to departure. Our aircraft are not fitted with toilets.

I've found a cheaper price elsewhere, do you price match?

We may not be the cheapest in town but we'll certainly give you more value for your money! All of our aircraft are air-conditioned, we offer complimentary airport transfers, free bottled water, lovely sandalwood scented refresher towels after the flight, access to our exclusive spacious airport terminal, individual pilot commentary and we operate the newest aircraft fleet in town.

Are the planes air conditioned?

Yes, we have Kununurra's only fully air-conditioned fleet of aircraft.

Will I get a good view from the window?

Most definitely, all of our aircraft have large windows and high wings for ideal visibility.

Is there commentary on the scenic tours?

Yes, our pilots provide live and personalised commentary on each and every scenic flight.

Is there a minimum passenger number for bookings?

All of our scenic tours departing Kununurra can be booked with a minimum of 2 passengers. Our Scenic fights and tours departing El Questro require a minimum of 4 passengers to confirm the flight.

How long do we spend flying over the Bungle Bungle?

We have a set flight path to ensure maximum viewing time which is about 20 minutes over Purnululu National Park.

I have dietary requirements, will this be catered for?

We can cater for most dietary requirements however due to the remote location of Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle), availability of certain food items is not always guaranteed. Please contact our Reservations team on 1800 095 500 to discuss if you have any concerns.

I am doing a day tour with a walk included, what do I bring?

Camera, day pack, sturdy walking/hiking shoes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, light cotton clothing. If you are doing a helicopter flight or it’s a cool morning please bring a light jacket. (Bring swimwear and towel if doing the Mitchell Falls Discoverer tour).

How do I carry the provided lunch on the walk?

All lunches are provided in a cooler bag. Please bring along a backpack as well to make it easy to carry.

Why should I fly with Aviair?

Aviair won GOLD at the 2017 WA Tourism Awards, as well as Silver at the Australian Tourism Awards. We have the newest fleet of aircraft in Kununurra and safety of our passengers is our foremost priority. As a CASA approved commercial airline, we operate to the highest flying and maintenance safety standards. We also have the only fully air-conditioned fleet in Kununurra and offer courtesy transfers to and from our terminal.

How hard are the walks?

·         Cathedral Gorge & Piccaninny Gorge: Classed as a moderate to easy walk. There are some areas of uneven ground as well as walking on sand in Cathedral Gorge. The walk distance is about 3km return.

·         Echidna Chasm: Classed as a moderately challenging walk. The walk into Echidna Chasm is on a dry river bed with large stones that can at times be slightly wobbly under foot. A high level mobility is required for this 1.5 hour walk.

·         Mitchell Falls: This 4.5km hike requires a high level of mobility as there are numerous slippery creek crossings and rocks to clamber over. If at all unsure, please book the additional helicopter transfer in replacement of the hike.

What are the children ages?

Infants are classified as 0-1 year and may travel on their parent’s lap free of charge. Please note that only two infants may travel per aircraft. An adult must accompany children classified as 2-12 years inclusive on the flight.

Can I bring my iPad/tablet?

Yes, these are permitted on the plane flight. However, they cannot be taken on a helicopter. Cameras and phones must have a lanyard/wrist strap on helicopter flights.

I would like to stay overnight in the Bungles, can this be organised?

Yes of course. We can book you into the beautiful Bungle Bungle Eco Savannah Lodge, please just ask one of our friendly reservations team members.

Are there any weight restrictions on your aircraft?

Customer and approximate baggage weights must be provided to us at the time of booking. For safety and operational reasons, all customers and baggage will be weighed prior to departure. We reserve the right to deny carriage to customers who provide weight information that is inaccurate by more than 15% in which case any fare paid will be forfeited.

I want to see the Bungle Bungles close up however my walking ability isn’t the best, what can I do?

Our ‘Bungle Bungle Adventurer + Helicopter’ is the perfect solution for you. Take part in a scenic plane flight to gain panaromic views of the expanse of Lake Argyle and the Bungles from Kununurra. Land at the airstrip within Purnululu National Park where you will board a HeliSpirit helicopter for a thrilling up close and personal look and the stunning landforms. You will then reboard your plane to fly back to Kununurra.

Do you fly all year around?

Bungle Bungle day tours: April to September

Mitchell Falls Discoverer: May to August

Bungle Bungle scenic flights: All year round


What baggage can I take to Bungles for an overnight stay?

We prefer soft luggage only and a maximum of 8kg per person.

What baggage can I take on your Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) service?

Most flights include up to 15kg checked baggage per person. Our Derby to Broome service includes up to 23kg checked baggage. Anything additional is $5/kg.

Our flight network includes Halls Creek, Balgo, Kalumburu, Karratha, Newman, Broome, Derby and Port Hedland 

Can I book freight on any Regular Scheduled Services?

Yes, we do offer freight services. $30 consignment fee and $5/kg.

Our flight network includes Halls Creek, Balgo, Kalumburu, Karratha, Newman, Broome, Derby and Port Hedland.

Can I take photos on my scenic flight?

Yes of course! We recommend using a UV filter for your lens if you have a DSLR. Tablets and iPads are not ideal; however phones and cameras are great. Remember to not rest your camera or phone on the window as it will cause the photos to blur. We love seeing your adventures online so please tag us @aviairwa or #aviairwa

How can you tell if an airline is safe to fly with?

It is hard to look at the nature of the work that the airline does, if they provide services to major corporate clients such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Chevron, DFES or if they provide CASA approved Regular Public Transport then the company is required to meet much higher safety standards and are subject to more frequent and detailed audits to ensure that the safety systems are in place and effective. Aviair does provide services to these major corporate and government clients and we are an approved Regular Passenger Service Provider.   

Do you have a system in place where accidents are investigated to ensure that they don’t happen again?

Aviair has a very comprehensive Safety Reporting System in place that ensures all incidents that could affect flight safety are reported and investigated by the appropriate person. Where we find a deficiency or a way we can improve our safety we record these findings and ensure that they are managed right through until closure.

How do you manage the different risks when flying in very remote areas with where severe weather events can occur quickly?

Aviair staff are very experienced in operating in our region and every pilot goes through a very detailed training, assessment and approval process. If the risk is too high than pilots are trained to identify this and respond accordingly, we have absolute faith in our pilots assessing these risks and responding to ensure that the safety of passengers and crew is our number one priority.

What do I need to be aware of before I fly?

Every passenger with Aviair is given a safety brief by the pilot or co-pilot. You will be told what you need to know before you depart and before the flight takes off. If you listen and follow the safety instructions of the pilot then you will be fine.

I am not as steady as I once was and find it difficult sometimes to get around in tight areas, will this be a problem?

If you have any concerns about your health or getting around please discuss this with our office staff. We value every customer and we will do our best to help you at every stage of the flight to ensure that you are safe and can enjoy your journey with us.

Does Aviair have a way that it can track the location of all its aircraft?

Every Aviair aircraft is fitted with a satellite based tracking system called Spidertracks. We are able to determine the exact location, the direction, speed and altitude of everyone in our aircraft, all the times.

What do I do if I see something that is unsafe or I am unsure of?

If you are concerned about anything please report your concerns to the office staff or the pilot/co-pilot as soon as you can.

Are there any restrictions on items I can carry?

Yes. We will not carry, and you must not include in your baggage or otherwise attempt to carry on board the following prohibited items:

-         items which are prohibited by law;

-         items listed as Dangerous Goods on information provided at check-in and ticketing;

-         items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations;

-         firearms (except where declared and processed in accordance with company guidelines) and weapons of any type, including but not limited to knives, blades, or sharp items; and

-         items we reasonably determine are unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous or unsafe.


If we discover that you are carrying prohibited items, we may do whatever we consider appropriate and what is reasonable in the circumstances, including disposing of the item, and/or contacting relevant authorities. Maximum fines for carrying unauthorised weapons on board an aircraft may exceed $10,000.

What are the seating dimensions on your aircraft?

The configuration of each aircraft varies, however, our Cessna Grand Caravan single seats have a width of 50cm and double seats have a total width of 87cm.

The aisle is approximately 22cm wide and leg room for each seat is approximately 46cm.

If you have any queries about seating in our planes, please contact our reservations team. We value every customer and will do our best to help you at every stage of the flight to ensure that you are safe and can enjoy your journey with us.

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