Bungle Bungle Wanderer + Echidna Chasm

Spend the whole day on the ground in Purnululu exploring Cathedral Gorge, The Domes and Echidna Chasm.

Tour Overview

Commence your day tour with a one hour scenic flight from Kununurra in an air-conditioned, high wing aeroplane. Fly over the Ord Irrigation Area, Lake Kununurra, the Ord Top Dam wall and the full expanse of Lake Argyle. View the Carr Boyd Ranges, Osmand Ranges, the Ord River and the Bow River. 

Once you land in Purnululu National Park, take part in the Cathedral Gorge and Domes walk as in the B1 tour, see left. Then continue on to the norther gorges of Purnululu which are quite different to Cathedral Gorge and the Domes at the south. A 65 minute drive takes us northwards along the Western Wall of the Bungle Bungle Range. A rocky path leads your walk into Echidna Chasm, which narrows until it is just two shoulders width apart. Gazing skywards to the bright blue sky, the orange towering walls look as if they are lit from within. Livistona palm trees cling to the vertical sides. 

A high level of mobility is required for this 1.5 hour walk as it includes climbing up ladders to cross over huge boulders in the chasm. 

Return on a scenic flight to Kununurra flying over Argyle Diamond Mine where rare pink diamonds are mined. 

This is a long day and can be tiring, therefore if you have time, we recommend you stay the night in Purnululu National Park at Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge, and fly back in the morning. The additional cost is $297pp for dinner, bed and breakfast.

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Price: $1197

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Add an overnight stay (DBB) at Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge.  Total $1494 adult and $1215 child

  • Flight in air-conditioned high quality aeroplanes - the newest planes and only air conditioned fleet in Kununurra
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  • Use of our air conditioned terminal building
  • Cold bottled water, Ord Valley sandalwood scented refresher towels, and sweets 
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How to avoid and reduce emissions whilst on holiday
  • Travel light – remember every extra kg that needs to be transported needs more fuel and generates more greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Buy souvenirs produced locally – buying a cheap imported knock-off of a traditional item as a souvenir does not support the local community and creates additional transport emissions.
Bungle Bungle Wanderer + Echidna Chasm Route Map
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